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How to eliminate the reasons for bad smell in your dryer

New dryers that have been used for a short period of time may bless
you with a pleasant and clean smell when you open their doors. Same
goes for those who have been using these devices correctly. But when
it comes to suddenly finding out there is a bad smell when the one
opens the dryer, this could be a sign of a particular problem. In fact, it is
quite a common problem, therefore, could be easily solved in a short
period of time. Moreover, it does not strictly mean that the dryer will
smell like dirty laundry and no longer be usable anymore. This issue is

The reason why the stink often appears when using the drier is lint on a
lint trap, in most cases very dirty, which is the source of a bad smell. To
be able to remove the unpleasant smell, all the one needs to do is to
take away all the lint. It can be done in a few simple steps.
Getting away a bad scent from the drier: step by step
 First of all, it is necessary to turn the dryer off and unplug it
afterward, just to make sure the device is safe to repair.
 Remove the lint from the dryer by crapping it off, as much as you
can at once. The quantity of what causes the bad smell depends
on how long the one has been using the dryer. In that case, it is
recommended to use additional tools in order to effectively
remove all the lint. Make sure to use a hoover to suck out all the
lint remained in the dryer. However, if you notice that there is still
some dirty parts that need to be cleaned, just run the device
under the water and use a brush afterward. The dirt should be
removed easily. Before you put the lint trap back in the device,
make sure to dry it properly in order to avoid potential damages.
 Make sure to clean the hole where the lint catcher is set by using
a dustbuster, with hose attachment if necessary. The vacuum
cleaner will help you effectively eliminate any dirt in the lint trap
gap without using a cloth or even brush.

 Getting rid of the bad smell of your dryer does not strictly mean
cleaning the lint filter only. The one needs to consider removing
the dirt from all possible corners including the area around and
under the device itself. Do not forget about the vent. In fact,
cleaning the vent should be done more regularly even if you do
not notice any unpleasant smell from the dryer. Regular cleaning
prevents the dirt from getting into the vent, as well as various
places and spots.
 Find some time in order to clean the exterior around your dryer
vent, which can also be the major source of all the filth getting
into the device. This allows to fully check the ventilation system,
 Consider vinegar as a good natural cleaner for different surfaces
and holes. Unlike all the strong and expensive chemicals, vinegar
can be used all around the house and is easy to buy at any
supermarket located nearby. It can be used for cleaning certain
parts of the dryer, too. To be able to remove the dirt from the
inside of the device, make sure to use a clean cloth with white
vinegar cleaning every inch of the dryer. It is recommended to
clean the door properly as it is a primary source of all potential
dirt coming from the outside. Afterward, just simply open the
door of the dryer and window to vent the air.
 Clean the dryer from the outside but try to avoid using any kind of
cloth that can damage or scratch it. Inspect the dryer to notice
any particular damages that can also be the reason of a bad smell
inside the dryer.
Cleaning the dryer and the area around it even if the problem is only a
smell coming from the inside of the device will help to prevent any
more serious problems and damages. Therefore, it is always better to
take good and professional care of the dryer to expand its life and even
prevent the smells from returning back. The dryer should be aired
properly. Avoid leaving the laundry inside the dryer and clean the lint

trap before using it. Make sure to inspect the vent regularly and clean it
with vacuum to get rid of all the dirt around and inside. When you do
not use your dryer, simply unplug it. Even when they are turned off,
appliances can cause certain damages unless you unplug them.
In case you notice a strange smell coming from the dryer when it works,
turn it off immediately, unplug and call an expert as it could a sign of
more serious problems and damage that needs to be solved by a

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